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We help to establish where you are, where you want to get to, how and if you can and should get there, and at what cost financially & structurally, then help to bring the plan to fruition.


Our decades of experience in starting and

growing businesses for ourselves and our

clients and managing them through the

good times   -   and the not so good times !

will give you confidence in the knowledge

that we have the full suite of expertise to 

help you take your business forward. 

We are not about growth for growth's sake,

we are about working with you to understand

your goals - both business and personal -

understand your obstacles to those goals and

help you create a strategy for removing the

barriers to allow you to move forward and

create the life and business that you want.​


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 Jakki Brierley-Shorrock,  Principle Consultant

and CEO of Fastrak Global, has a wealth of experience working with Start ups, SME's and Global Corporates such as Nintendo, Toyota, World Wildlife Fund, Born Free, Audi, Rolls Royce Virgin and many others, to set up and run their ECommerce Solutions, Business Development, Marketing and Customer Service facilities.

Plus she has many years experience in Board and Advisory positions within Charities, NFP's, MOD,

Property, Education and Government.

She is Innovative, Entrepreneurial and Driven 
with a Passion for helping people push the 
boundaries to achieve their personal and 

                    business growth.​​​​


​Whatever industry sector you are in, our

knowledge and expertise has been gained

through working with almost all of them

including Retail, Charity, NFP, Legal,

Government, Automotive, Entertainment

Food and Health, from Start-ups and SME's 

to blue chip Corporates Worldwide.

Whether you are Importing, Exporting, or

both, we work with fantastic tried, tested

and proven Global Partners so that we can

 cover every skill set your business is likely

to need to ensure your plans and projects

succeed both locally and worldwide.

We have extensive specialist expertise

covering the UK and Europe. ​​​​

“Have you ever met someone and you just knew you could work together?

Jakki is one remarkable woman whose expertise we as business owners all need.

Make an appointment with her and watch your business take on a global expansion!.”
Dalene Courneya Allen  -  Managing Market Partner at Monat Global

I was instructed by Jakki in her capacity as board chairman of a company dealing with 

number of difficult issues.  She approaches matters in a reassuringly calm and

authoritative way with excellent communication skills and natural leadership qualities.  

Jakki is diligent and conscientious in everything she does, with an eye for detail and

Analytical skills, but also remaining focused on the bigger picture to ensure the right

end result is achieved. She has a very good strategic mind and is a pleasure to work with.

Robert Small   -   Director, Verisona Law 

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  +1 (902) 233 9449

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“jakki is really such a gift to work with! Every concern and challenge I brought

forth, she gave everything so much attention and presence.

Her questions, ability to listen, reflect and guide decision making and action

was very motivating and inspiring. I would leave our meetings feeling lighter

like I had a brain cleanse which helped a tremendous amount to keep focused

and on task in moving the business forward. I wouldn't have been able to

get through a business plan revamp without her. On my own, it would have

taken much much longer!   

I would highly recommend working with Jakki in moving your project forward.

Josée-Ann Cloutier  -  Events Researcher at The Centre for Local Prosperity


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​​"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jakki several times over the past 12 months. Her professionalism and expertise in Business Development, Ecommerce, Marketing and more has been an asset to many SMEs. I’ve appreciated that she approaches clients from more of a coaching/training perspective, looking for ways to increase client’s skills in any given area, rather than merely completing a task and moving on. I look forward to continuing to work with Jakki to serve and grow many more businesses in the future."

​James Schofield  -  Economic Development Officer at Valley Regional Enterprise Network